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Ever since I submitted this journal:   The Agents of Z.I.R.O.In one of my journals, I mentioned an idea I had called The Agents of Z.I.R.O. and so i'm going to explain the characters that will appear in the show.
Agent 1 (Roger Danger Smith) - He is the leader of the group and before he joined the team he was shy and careful but as the series went on, he would stand up for himself. His weapon is the Blazing Gloves which ignite on fire when fighting.
Agent 2 (Susan Smith) - The twin sister to Roger and unlike her brother she is like a tomboyish person with a taste for adventure. Her weapon is the Twin Mirror which makes clones of herself and can only make 5 at a time.
Agent 3 (Cody "The Neek" Morrow) - He is the brains of the team and most people calls him "The Neek" because he is a nerd and a geek. His weapon is the Hydro Cannon which can shoot pumps of water at different speeds.
Agent 4 (Juan Martinez) - The muscle of the team and is the son of a retired wrestler called El Macho. His weapon is the Earthquake Suit which makes him strong enough t
 I though of more ideas to share with everyone. (even if no one cares ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


The plot is of an alien that gets stranded on Earth after all life went extinct and explores around the world learning about the planet and finding parts to fix his ship.

When Dreams Come True:

When a boy comes across a amulet that can make his dreams enter the real world, he uses it to fight off the nightmares that invade the Earth.


When a human named Thomas Adams joins the Special Patrol Armada Criminal Explorers, it's up to him and S.P.A.C.E. in order to imprison the baddest of aliens across the universe.

盲目の少女 - Mōmoku no Shōjo (The Blind Girl):

The everyday adventures of a girl named Miru Kōsai who was born without eyes.

未来への旅 - Mirai e no Tabi (Journey to the Future):

When a witch sends Gyō Kaigan and Yawara Kai to the past, they must find a way back to their own time before it's too late.

ロボッタ - Robotta:

A robot named Robotta escapes a secret government base and hides by living with a boy named Oda Seijō and learns how to be human.

奇妙なのための学校 - Kimyōna no Tame no Gakkō (The School for the Strange):

When Gomu Myōji awakens one day with the ability to stretch his body at will, he gets enrolled into a school with people who have weird abilities like him.

Mary Sue:

A 13 year old named Mary Sue was born with an unfortunate curse that causes bad luck anywhere she goes and is the complete opposite of a Mary Sue.

I plan to add more when new ideas pop up.
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October 3, 2016


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